Thursday, February 9, 2012

Meet Me in My Dreams!

"You'll never make it."  "That's a waste of time."  "It's already been done, why bother?"  "You can't do it!"

Have you heard these comments before?  I sure have; it's discouraging, isn't it?  I used to be the kind of person who would give up after hearing those things; now, I just fight harder!  Why?  Because it's up to ME whether or not I succeed or fail!
Take charge of your own destiny! When you see other's pursuing theirs, give them an encouraging word that will help drive them forward; it's when we lift others up and help them succeed that we, ourselves, reach OUR full potential!

When I was a little girl, I wanted to fly; I believed, given the right circumstances, that I could!  After years of trying, and being told that it was impossible, I gave up... I grew up.
Fast-forward to college...  I wrote an essay in my first creative writing class, and of course, it was about being able to fly, but having to let go of that dream.
When I received the paper back from my professor, in green ink on the back page, he had written:
"If you're afraid of heights, don't look down, because, Rebecca, you ARE flying!  Flight doesn't have to be literal to be possible."
I have never, and will never forget those words.  That short comment on an incidental college essay changed my life; it created a paradigm shift into a perspective that anything I want to pursue is possible!

Be that professor in someone else's life... Encourage others to pursue and attain their dreams, and suddenly, you'll look around you and realize you've nearly reached yours as well!


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