Thursday, February 23, 2012

Purpose, Direction, & Perpetual Hope

What we can or cannot do,
what we consider possible or impossible,
is rarely a function of our true capability.
It is more likely a function of our
beliefs about who we are.  ~Tony Robbins
Why do we do anything?  Why do we participate in activities?  Whether work, or play, there is a reason behind everything we do.

An actor might ask:  "What's my motivation?"
An opportunist might ask:  "What's in it for me?"
An intellectual might ask:  "What can I learn from this?"

Whatever your motivation behind what you do, money, fame, self-satisfaction, or even self-preservation, you do have a "Why".

To discover your purpose, you have to see where you are, where you want to go, and discover the vehicle of perpetual hope to get you there...

I've been told (and with good reason) that I am obsessed with flight.  It was true for a long time.  As a young girl, my "Why" was escape; I was constantly dreaming up ways to get away from my abusive parents, and flying seemed as good a way as any!  There was a deeper meaning, however, behind flight being my escape vehicle.

If I simply "ran away" I knew I would be caught.  I used to think about it; I ran away hundreds of times in my mind, but each time I wasn't far from home before being caught.  Why would a little kid be off on her own?  I knew I would stick out like a... well... like a runaway!  Every dream of escape in that manner just ended with failure... it was hopeless.  When I was about seven, I figured it out; I finally knew how I could get away, and be out-of-reach of authority!  It was simple; I had only to fly!

I had to create the perfect conditions for flight; in other words, I was responsible to make it happen.  My theory was simple enough:  All I needed was a simple playground swing; I would swing as high as I could, and then, during that flicker of time when the swing stops moving forward, but had yet to drop back down, if I believed hard enough, I could just let go... and fly!  If I tried one day, and it didn't work, it wasn't that it couldn't be done, it was that I hadn't done it right, and I simply had to try again... and again... and again.  My mind created a way to have perpetual hope, and it was in that way that I survived my childhood.

My "Why" as a little girl was simply self-preservation.  My "Why" now?  I want to continue to move forward in life, through parenting, education, business, and speaking, to reach success.  Why?  Because I want to exhibit to my children that one can come from any type of background and succeed.  I want to reach the kind of financial freedom that will allow me to give more and more to people and organizations that will help others create vehicles of perpetual hope, much like my theory of flight was for me.

I encourage you to find your "Why", and live each day with purpose, direction, and perpetual hope!



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