Saturday, April 24, 2010

Anything Goes!

If you had the confidence to do anything, I mean really, anything, what would you do?

Did you think of something?

Did your "anything" consist of an activity within the realms of physical possibility?

For a lot of us, when we are asked to think of something we would do if we could, we think within the limits of what we believe could be conceivable.

I want to fly.

From the time I was a little girl, I wanted to fly. I didn't only want to fly, but I believed that I could. Of course, I set conditions for myself, but I did believe, if the conditions were met, that I could, indeed, spread my arms... and fly!

Outside of an airplane, helicopter, or other flying contraption, I am now sure... okay, pretty sure... that I cannot fly. But what about conceptual belief? I believe with everything in me that we hold ourselves back by lacking the belief in ourselves to achieve things that really are possible.

When I was in my early twenties, I used to joke that I was "not meant to be rich." Being fairly religious at the time, I was convinced that I was not meant to be rich because I would be selfish with my wealth. What was the truth? That I lacked the belief in myself to be successful enough to be wealthy, so I made up a story for myself, and through that thinking... made it true.

What would you be doing if you really believed you could?

What kind of life would you be living?

What's stopping you from living that life now?

Is it you? Are you living up to the story that you have created for you?

Write a new story! The amazing thing about your life is that YOU hold the pen, the paper, and all of the right vocabulary to write your own story with a much, much happier ending!

On Relationships:
Honesty and sincerity, or the lack of either, will decide a relationship.
Relationships are work, but will reward you in the end.
You don't have to settle. Period.

On Family:
Love IS enough, but sometimes it has to be the tough kind.
If you wait until you can afford children... you never will.
Family is not just the people who are related to you by blood.
Remember that children are exploring and enjoying their world, and they are washable!

On Success:
Success never works unless you believe in the possibility of it, and you're willing to work harder than everyone in front of you to get it!

On Flying:
Flight doesn't have to be literal to be possible...

Live a great story!