Tuesday, May 3, 2011

By Any Other Name

Claudia Honeywell hiked her over-sized purse higher onto her shoulder, bracing the bag with her hip she leaned over the cold, Formica counter top. She looked over the form and paused with the pen poised over the signature line for just a breath, than pushed the point of the pen onto the document and signed her name for the last time. She was finally rid of the name...the legacy.

The sickening sweetness of 'Honeywell', the name forever carried by her brothers… her father… carried forward into history with heavy shame that would not be hers to bear any more. A single tear punctuated the still-wet ink, leaving a dirty smudge on the paper that would no longer be a stain on her heart.

~Rebecca Reece

March 2011


  1. Why do you hate her enough to make this up? Did she fail in class once. If so, it was your fault, naturally.

  2. Why be anonymous? If you have an idea or opinion, be strong enough to stand behind it...

    If you have any actual interest in the story behind: "By Any Other Name," it is a piece of fiction inspired by hearing an intercom call at the airport for a "Claudia Bitch." Why, I wondered, would anyone have that name... so, I made up a character and a past that could possibly account for such an unfortunate surname.

    All that said, an author need never explain him/herself to anyone; count it a blessing when you receive one.