Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Fell Down

Rebecca (age 7)

It is incredible to me that there are children like we were: Young, vulnerable, and innocent; victims of abuse, neglect, and exploitation. When I look at our faces from ago, I don't remember us being so young, and I have to wonder how we ever survived...

I Fell Down

In the grocery people look


Some ask her, the little girl

“What happened?”

She looks at them

But not in their eyes

She says softly


“I fell down”

Others see her

In her yard

At her church

They ask about her arm

Suspended in plaster


Could this be the second time?

She answers them timidly


“I fell down again”

The little girl against the wall


Clasping her knees


To her chest

Mama stands tall


Her fists are hard knots


Mama asks her

“What will you tell them?”

The little girl is looking


Worn blue jean drink in


Small body aches, the little girl


But she replies


“I fell down”

~Rebecca Reece 1994

What can you do in your own community to stop the abuse and exploitation of children?

Find out what you can do to help here:

If you know of a child who is being abused, call the Child Abuse Hotline 1.800.4-A-CHILD.

Later in my life when talking to the adults that knew my family, most of them apologized to me for knowing something was going on, but not doing anything about it.

Children need help, not apoligies...

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