Sunday, January 4, 2009

An Actual Rant: Who Moved My Country?

Why? Why must the Big American Puppet (any media outlet in this country) keep broadcasting the so-called "doomed" state of America's financial health; thus doing nothing more than perpetuating that state?
I know how it works: The Government controls The Media, The Media controls The People, and The People control the finances of the country... Wait! "The People control the finances"?
First of all, don't be offended by how much we allow the media to control us; who else has a cupboard full of rice because of the supposed "rice-shortage" a few months ago? (A shortage that, by the way, never seemed to transpire, and seems vaguely familiar to the butter-fat-shortage a decade or so ago which drove the cost of milk, butter, and ice cream to levels that never quite came down again... Hmmm... Perhaps The Dairy Farmers will be the subject of my next go-round.)
What would happen, I wonder, if "we the People" stood up and made financial decisions on our own; smart financial decisions, that is. What would it look like if we stopped buying the bull***t that we are far too ignorant to make these decisions on our own?
There would be plenty of people that would not be responsible, but isn't that the beauty of allowing independent thought and actions: The freedom to experience the natural consequences of choices. From the time we are tiny little Americans, it is the responsibility of our parents/caregivers to hold us responsible by allowing us to reap the natural consequences of our actions, both good and bad. It is how we learn.
It's how we learn; learning is power.
Learning is power.
I get it. If learning is power, and the "powers that be" want to keep the power for themselves, mayhaps we are not meant to learn. Should we stand for this blatant attempt to keep us, "the people" uneducated, poor, and, in light of the fuel situation, immobile?
We do not have to stand for it! Look at what is happening around you, and where you can, affect some change for the better!
Talk to an elderly person, and then listen to them! Teach your children the importance of saving, and take that damn cell phone away! There have been generations and generations of children that have *gasp!* survived without a cell phone; teach them how to conduct face to face communication with respect, and eye-contact!
Let's give our children the gift of hard work, hand-me-down clothes, and community volunteering. Do not give your children an education; give your children the desire for an education that they have to work hard for!
Pick up a book; and for the love of God, shut off the noise of CNN or MSNBC, or whatever media outlet we are allowing at the moment to tell us how much to spend, where to spend it, what to drive, where to go, what to fight for. We are a more intelligent people than that!
The only way to pull this Country out of the state that it is in, is by becoming a country again! Our Country is what we decide it is!
What do you want your country to look like; what are you willing to do to make it so?

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  1. The government controls the money as well. There's no REAL economic crisis it's just bunch of bull to keep us all in fear. They took away the gold standard way back when so that they could control the money by printing it on worthless paper.

    We need a revolution, hopefully a peaceful one.

    Just my opinion, of course (that last part).