Monday, January 28, 2008

The List

The List

I get annoyed with the regularity that I get surveys in my email, or on MySpace, and rarely do I take any time to read them, much less fill them out. However, this time I thought that perhaps I could take the opportunity to turn a meaningless survey into something that not only says something about me, but also reveals things to myself as well.
~Rebecca Reece

Here is my list…

1. I love: Spending early Sunday mornings curled up warm in our bed with my husband and our son, sipping coffee and talking about superheroes.

2. Right now I want: To have arrived in my new business venture, and in writing.

3. I feel like: The best parts of my life move too fast to enjoy, and the crappy parts just drag on like a rainy Monday. The worst part is that often it’s the dragging days that turn out to be the great ones, but I miss out on the best moments with selfish complaining.

4. I hate it when: There are things in the world that are so horrible, yet so big that I can't do anything about them; and that there are some things in the world that are horrible, but I don't do anything about them.

5. I fear: Something happening to me and leaving my son without a mother. I also fear something happening to James and being without his tenderness and joyful encouragement.

6. I'm lonely without: All of my family near me.

7. I need: To relax and treasure every moment instead of always trying to control the moments.

8. Today I: Will enjoy my family, and not stress the messes!

9. Tomorrow I'm: Back on task to make considerable forward motion in my new business because I know that it will bring my husband home from work more often.

10. I just: Put a Spiderman puzzle together with Grover and was amazed at his wicked fast puzzling abilities!

11. I want to meet: Someone who listens to my ideas about the important things in this country: Hunger, Medical Care, Unfair Taxes, and Immorality.

12. I'm hungry for: Halibut fillet with lemon and butter, and steamed vegetables and a creamy artichoke risotto accompanied by a dry chardonnay.

13. I love it when: James gets an unexpected day off and we just hang around the house in pajamas all day playing with Grove, and cooking new recipes (though not always good ones!), and enjoying one another.

14. I'm afraid of: Terrorism and the wrong president; there can't be a more scary combination.

15. I'm listening to: "Amazing Grace," Chris Tomlin's rendition.

16. I'm wearing: Thin in my resolve to be a Republican.

17. I wish I was in: France, dining where Hemingway dined and penning successful prose.

18. I'm craving: Success for the struggling, and humbling for the arrogant.

19. I want to get: Published with great earnings... Soon.

20. I can: And will, walk the 60 mile Breast Cancer 3-day this year.

21. I can't: Continue to be apathetic to my callings.

22. I have: Overcome enough in my life to be a better person than I am.

23. I haven't: Realized my full potential, but know that I will.

24. I'm nervous to: Find out what my full potential is, and what responsibilities it will surely carry with it.

25. My Mom thinks I'm: My mom died two years ago, and I know that she was more proud of me than I deserved; I hope that I would make her proud of me still.

26. My Dad thinks I: Don't exist; he never knew me.

27. I think: I have been blessed more than one person ever should be, and I think I could do much better at appreciating it!

28. I'm happy when: I am with my family.

29. I'm sad when: I think about how much I still need my Mom’s advice; sometimes I reach for the phone to call her, but then remember that she isn't there.

30. I like eating: Hmmmm... That is an entire sentence in itself, isn't it? :o)

31. I hate eating: Cooked carrots.

32. I love watching: My son learning new things.

33. I love listening to: My husband playing his guitar.

34. I like playing: The drums. (Though I am sure the neighbors could really do without!)

35. I hate waking up to: The heartache of others on the news.

36. I can see: Myself enjoying the challenges that will come, and that have already come this year!

37. I'm glad that: I am alive.

38. I'm disappointed that: I haven't quite accomplished the goal I had set for my life right now, but have enjoyed the detours!

39. I look like: A perfect creation to God; a superhero to my son, a beautiful woman to my husband, and a control-freak to myself!
40. I wish I looked like: The woman of strength, integrity, and success that I know I am meant to be.

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